Welcome to the Supply Chain Groceries Best Practice Forum.

The Forum is a group of manufacturing companies which meets quarterly with the objective of sharing learning and best practice and identifying opportunities for logistics collaboration between companies.

Current participants in our Groceries Forum are:

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The Supply Chain Best Practice Forum is only interested in:

Supply Chain Management, Logistics Operations and Delivery Service Levels

The Forum is not interested in and will totally exclude:

Sales policies, Marketing, R&D, Products, Technologies, Ingredients, Pricing, Profits, Margins, Discounts, Rebates, Commercial Terms and Bidding

The Forum is particularly focussed on supply chain developments being driven by the manufacturers, their suppliers and their customers.

The scope of interest will encompass :-

Supply Chain Management

Examples : Sales & Operations Planning, Inventory Management, Demand Forecasting, Production (Supplier) Adherence

Logistics Operations

Examples : Network Infrastructures, Primary & Secondary Transport, Warehousing , Outsourcing

Customer Service

Examples : Range of  Service Measures, “Order to Cash”,  “On Shelf/In Store Availability”

The objective of the forum is to discuss factors and processes relating to identifying and achieving “best practice” supply chains, to enhance and share understanding of “best practice” and identify opportunities to achieve supply chain and logistics improvements.  The Forum will not discuss individual business or commercial strategies and all members of the Forum will abide by “Competition Law” and not operate as a cartel or in any co-ordinated way to disadvantage their suppliers or customers.  Each member should use the information and learning gained from the Forum to make their own individual decisions.

Non-sensitive data only will be shared.  SCALA will collate agreed data and will guarantee confidentiality of that data.  This will either (1) already be in the public domain or (2) be historical (minimum one year) or (3) be aggregated to give no indication of specific individual companies.

It is the responsibility of SCALA and each individual member company to ensure they do not breach these guidelines.

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